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(E3 2012) Games to Watch

10 Jun

Image courtesy of technobuffalo.com

Last week was the big E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), and with it comes new game announcements, and more details on known ones.  It was a rather lackluster showing this year, as it’s becoming quite obvious that the industry has begun to quietly focus on the next generation of consoles (PS4 / Xbox 720).  But while the truly interesting things were probably shown behind closed doors, there are still some solid games coming out in the near-future.  After the jump, you’ll find my top 10 games from E3 to keep an eye on, and some honorable mentions that also deserve your eye’s focus.  Sadly, someone decide there can only be 10, in a “Top 10”.

Keep in mind, I am primarily a PS3 and PS Vita gamer, though many of these are multi-platform.

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17 Oct

South Park WoW Gamer

Why has the term “gamer” been turned into such a strong (sometimes negative) label? It has taken on a life beyond that of “movie-viewer”, “music-listener”, or “book-reader”, yet I see them on the same level. A movie-viewer is one who experiences movies. A music-listener is one who experiences music. A “book-reader” is one who experiences books. And so a gamer is one who experiences games. Yet, the label “gamer” has become a negative connotation, while the others lead more admirable lives.

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