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Hey Cox…

26 Jan

This was written over a year ago (by your’s truly) and never published.  Nothing has changed since, so I am going to make it public.

While I single out Cox, as they are my current television and internet provider, this message goes out equally to any, and all, television providers.

Hey Cox…  you have 6 months to provide me with a new DVR box, or I build my own media center PC, and strip you down to a simple CableCard provider. (shopping for one now)

That’s right, no more $18.50 a month fee for your horrible ‘Digital Cable DVR’ box that was provided to me in the year 2005.  You, Cox, in all your pun-filled-name glory, need to wake up, smell the coffee, and pound it like an ‘Irish Car Bomb’ that is about to curdle.  Your shit is old, and it’s beyond obsolete.  Yes, you “redesigned” your interface this past spring, but it still displays in 4:3 ratio SD quality, and looks like it was designed in the early 90’s! (Even if it had been something nice to look at, it’s still lipstick on a pig)  And don’t think this means you have me as a CableCard subscriber for very long either.  As soon as Google, Apple, or someone else breaks the ankles of the television networks, and provides what I describe below, you’re getting stripped down to nothing more than a bandwidth provider.

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For Science!

5 Dec

Soakin’ in a Tub o’ Vodka

After seeing this post on Gizmodo, about getting drunk off gummy bears, I had to give it a try myself!  Being both, a gummy candy connoisseur, and an avid drinker, this was right up my alley.  In fact, I frequently consume the two together already; albeit separate.  Until now!

Reading the article on Friday night, I promptly checked my gummy candy supply.  I wasn’t able to find official gummy “bears”, but I did have some gummy Lifesavers, and the classic “Swedish Fish”.  I dumped a hand-full of each in a small bowl.  For the gummy Lifesavers, I stuck to the plan, and filled the bowl with Svedka vodka.  However, I pulled an audible on the Swedish Fish.  Swedish Fish have become one of my favorite accompaniments for whiskey, so I filled their bowl with Jameson Irish whiskey!  (Side note:  “Sour Patch Kids” are also an excellent side dish for whiskey, creating a nice whiskey sour effect!)  Both bowls were covered with some static-cling plastic wrap, and put in the fridge.

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An Introduction To aroBANTER

31 Jul

aroBANTER is what happens when I need to ramble on for longer than 140 characters.  I thought for a while about using Google+ for such things, but along with Facebook, it didn’t seem to fit.  I will most definitely be posting links to aroBANTERings on those other sites, but if you want to take in the full load, you’ll have to slurp it up, right here!

My original inspiration for doing a blog, was to do a site dedicated to my constant annoyance with poorly designed objects I come across; and the occasional well designed one.  But then I thought about how infrequent articles could end up being, and started coming up with other things I wanted to banter about.  So instead of a dedicated niche site, I now have a blank canvas to banter on and on about whatever I desire; aren’t you lucky!  So the rule of thumb will be: If it takes more than 140 characters to finish my thought, it will probably show up here. (no more cheating with “” or “TwitLonger”)  And if the original concept sounds like something mildly interesting, don’t fret!  “Monday Morning Designer” will be tied in here, as a feature of the same name.

Aaron Marohl

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