aroME!  Aaron Marohl:  gadget hound; gamer; sports fan; whiskey consumer; DVR filler-uper; creator of things (aka industrial designer)

Born and raised, in the Land of Northern Dakota (Bismarck), I grew up shoveling driveways to play basketball in 20-degree March, mowing lawns and dodging hail stones to play baseball and football in 90-degree August, and utilizing World War II foxhole shovels to build 2-story snow forts the rest of the year.  When the unpredictable Northern Plains weather forced me indoors, I dabbled in the mediums of Legos, K’nects, and Ninja Turtles, while putting ample time into Super Mario World (SNES), Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run (SNES), Goldeneye (N64), and SOCOM (PS2).

The pursuits of the “grownup. pay your own bills” life drove me to Arizona, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design Studies, with a focus in Design Management and Industrial Design from Arizona State University.  Just before graduating, I secured a job with Grand Destiny Group (in Scottsdale, AZ) as an Industrial Designer / Product Manager; and along with creating product, packaging, and graphic designs for a number of big name brands, in a wide range of industries, I also work on products and materials to be released under our company’s own brand: NXE.  Yes, I worked on NXe Paintball products, but that has since been passed on.

In addition to all that, I spend my days maintaining a healthy addiction to gadgets of all sorts, video games, movies, QUALITY television, fine whiskeys, and craft can beer.


My Favorites: Coming Soon


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