For Science!

5 Dec

Soakin’ in a Tub o’ Vodka

After seeing this post on Gizmodo, about getting drunk off gummy bears, I had to give it a try myself!  Being both, a gummy candy connoisseur, and an avid drinker, this was right up my alley.  In fact, I frequently consume the two together already; albeit separate.  Until now!

Reading the article on Friday night, I promptly checked my gummy candy supply.  I wasn’t able to find official gummy “bears”, but I did have some gummy Lifesavers, and the classic “Swedish Fish”.  I dumped a hand-full of each in a small bowl.  For the gummy Lifesavers, I stuck to the plan, and filled the bowl with Svedka vodka.  However, I pulled an audible on the Swedish Fish.  Swedish Fish have become one of my favorite accompaniments for whiskey, so I filled their bowl with Jameson Irish whiskey!  (Side note:  “Sour Patch Kids” are also an excellent side dish for whiskey, creating a nice whiskey sour effect!)  Both bowls were covered with some static-cling plastic wrap, and put in the fridge.

Someone packed on the liquid weight!

Fast forward 2 days later (tonight)….  Woah!  How you’ve grown!  Sure enough, those gummy Lifesavers worked just fine as Gu’bear replacements!  They grew in size, and became more opaque in color.  But at drastic as that is, the most shocking take-away from this experiment is how they really do pack a wallop!  When eating one, they start out fairly sweet (a little subdued from a non-soaked one), but it finishes with a vodka punch to the throat; as if you just took a shot.  Quite nice! :P  As of this writing, I’ve eaten 6 or 7 of em (in about 15 minutes), and can feel a nice little buzz creeping in!

Lifesavers, this is what happens when you swim in the vodka pool!

Above, you can see a comparison of sober gummy Lifesavers, sitting next to their drunken amigos.  The size and discoloration is quite apparent.

What about the Swedish Fish, that swam in the Jameson Irish whiskey pool…?  Well, as you can see below, they became a little larger, AND PRACTICALLY TURNED WHITE!!  Weird!  I guess these Swedish Fish, should stay away from Irish Whiskey!  In the name of science though, I gave them a taste test.  While the vodka-infused Lifesavers still retained some of their “gummy-ness”, these did not.  They instantly flake apart in your mouth, and have an odd texture, and don’t provide the strongest of whiskey flavor.  I think in this regard, we’ll leave the two separate from now on.

You guys need to walk outside that bar, and get some color!


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