What I Played: September 2011

30 Sep

Who said THEY could come on the fishing trip?!

August signified the end of the summer game drought in a big way.  I took a chance on ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ in July, and it worked out well!  It turned out to not only live up to the hype, but it was a refreshingly long game; that took me, well into September, to complete.  The one blemish I give DE:HR, is for the awful boss fights.  They were an unnecessary square peg, trying to fit in the perfect circle that the rest of the game is.  It was no surprise to learn that those very boss fights weren’t made by Square Enix at all, but outsourced to a computer AI company… NOT a game company!  Regardless, those boss fights took up a very small percentage of the game, and could easily be passed, without breaking a sweat, with the aid of guides found on the interwebs.  (My favorite tactic? Dragging a hacked turret into a boss fight, to do the fighting for you!)  Deus Ex took longer than I expected (and I love it for it); so when I finally got going on Resistance 3, it had been sitting around for a while, waiting for my undivided attention.

‘Resistance 3’ is the *gasp* 3rd game in the franchise.  The original ‘Resistance’ was a well-received, PS3 launch game; however the sequel, was a mixed reviewed cluster **ck that tried to pull from other popular shooter franchises at the time (namely, Halo & Call of Duty).  That didn’t go over well, so it wasn’t a surprise that Insomniac went back to the drawing board, and took a good 3-4 years to work on the 3rd installment.

Resistance 3 ended up being the best of both worlds.  Allowing for more than 2 weapons, by bringing back the R1 weapon wheel was great!  Insomniac is known for their great weapon design.  Whether it be ‘Resistance’, or their other series ‘Ratchet & Clank’, they know how to create weapons that are FUN TO PLAY WITH.  Bringing back the weapon wheel, allows the player to PLAY WITH numerous, interesting weapons; even within a single firefight.

The other element Insomniac brought back to the series, from the first game, is the use of health packs; instead of regenerating health.  This might be a HUGE eye-opener to the majority of modern day shooter game fans!  In the past few years, we’ve all grown accustomed to running out into the open, playing like Rambo, hiding behind a crate for a few seconds, and then returning to our Ramboing ways.  Not possible in Resistance 3!  The first Resistance was also this way, and it created a tense survival feel to the game.  It is no different in Resistance 3.  Insomniac knows how to throw a ton of enemies at you, and it quickly becomes all the more harrowing when you are hiding, with a sliver of health left, and know that it it’s going to magically regenerate!  At that point, you need to make a decision:  Do you attempt to Rambo your way through the enemies, without taking anymore damage?  Do you try to pick off a few of the close enemies, hoping they drop health packs?  Or do you make a run for the next building, dodging bullets Matrix-style, in hopes of finding health packs there?  These are decisions that do not come to mind when playing Halo, Call of Duty, or most of the other shooter games released in the past few years.  For this very reason, Resistance 3 ended up being the most tense, exhilarating, and fun First-Person Shooter game I’ve played this generation!  That intensity, combined with the great weapons, fluid gameplay, a good story, and some interesting characters (The prison sequence! :O) lead me to highly recommend this one to any PS3 owner!

Early Access Beta

This month, I also got my hands on ‘Battlefield 3’!!!  Oh giggity!!  DICE finally released the promised beta; and since I bought a copy of ‘Medal of Honor’ last year, I got a whole 2 days advanced access. :P  Sure, that doesn’t sound like much, and A WEEK early would have been a better incentive for DICE to provide; but getting my mitts on it on Tuesday, during the slow work week, was nice.  Below are a few videos to get a taste of the hotness!

Operation Metro Multiplayer Gameplay

Caspian Border Multiplayer Gameplay


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