Update: I have more influence than I thought!

12 Sep

A handled bag!

A couple weeks ago, I went on a rant about takeout food packaging.  In the post, I singled out Wildflower Bread Company — a place I frequent — for having particularly poor logic when it came to packaging food to-go.  Well, during the early round of NFL games (while DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket PS3 app was on the fritz, and before the Vikes game started) I decided a Wildflower “BLT Plus” sandwich, with their “Potato Cream Cheese Soup”, was the perfect pre-football stress meal. (Yes, I ordered the same thing. It’s good stuff dammit!)

To my surprise, I was handed a (rather large) BAG, WITH HANDLES!  Sure enough, Wildflower seemed to have taken my, less-than-subtle, hint!  And it wasn’t like I was being singled out by someone on staff that MAY have come across my illustrious banterings; everyone was getting these bags!

As mildly exciting as this is, I have a theory…  I think they simply ran out of the small white (non-handed, sideways-oriented) bags.  The colorful, handled bag I was given, was WAY too big for my small order; and I have seen people walk out of the place with these bags in the past; filled with numerous items.  These large, colorful, gloriously-handled bags weren’t just created… they have been around; and been utilized for special large order missions.

So time will tell.  Is my theory correct, and I’ll be handed the sideways, handle-challenged white bag again? Or will the usage of the colorful, handle-endowed bag continue?  We’ll find out next time!  Same bat time!  Same bat place!

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