We squeaked out a win. But should we consider it a victory?

10 Sep

Brock directing the BlackOut

Yes. A win is a win. And on national TV, it’s great!   BUT!  Most non-ASU fans (and even some ASU fans) will agree, it was a sloppy game, that could have gone either way.  Should we, as Sun Devils, be satisfied with a “lucky win” over a 21st ranked BCS team?  NO!  We sure as hell shouldn’t!  While we came away with the win, and all the talk in Tempe was positive on the win, the rest of the country saw a sloppy, penalty-ridden game, that could have gone either way.  If we (ASU) want to be taken seriously again as a national powerhouse, we need to be blowing out 21st ranked teams; not going into overtime with em.  A game as close as Friday night’s should never happen, unless we are playing a top-5 BCS team.

Dennis Erickson sure was a high profile hire, after Dirk Koetter; but remember, Koetter built winning teams.  Erickson’s only ASU season with a winning record was his first season; with a roster full of Koetter’s seniors.  Sure Erickson won national championships with Miami, but that was in 1989 and 1991; a decade ago!  As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of Erickson.  Nevertheless, we’re stuck with him now, and need to win with him now.  I just hope the players can step up, and overcome his weak coaching.  There is a lot of energy on the Sun Devil football field, but it seems to be unfocused, and causes stupid penalties.  A competent coaching staff would be able to control this energy, and direct it where it needs to be.  This team is full of national title talent, but I fear it will never see such accolades.

Regardless, ASU has a new fire in the football program.  Whether it’s the new pitchfork branding, the “BlackOut unis”, or something else, the ASU football program has gotten re-invigorated, and needs to feed off it.  Don’t let it fail this time.  And whether deserved or not, let’s put this new found energy to good use.  Let’s make a name for ourselves again!  The Pac-12 may still be laughed at by the rest of the college football world, but it’s time we took it on our own shoulders, and put it on the map!  Since we all know USC and Oregon are full of paid players, and UofA is based out of Northern Nogales (so they have never counted), it’s on us, Sun Devils!

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