An Introduction To aroBANTER

31 Jul

aroBANTER is what happens when I need to ramble on for longer than 140 characters.  I thought for a while about using Google+ for such things, but along with Facebook, it didn’t seem to fit.  I will most definitely be posting links to aroBANTERings on those other sites, but if you want to take in the full load, you’ll have to slurp it up, right here!

My original inspiration for doing a blog, was to do a site dedicated to my constant annoyance with poorly designed objects I come across; and the occasional well designed one.  But then I thought about how infrequent articles could end up being, and started coming up with other things I wanted to banter about.  So instead of a dedicated niche site, I now have a blank canvas to banter on and on about whatever I desire; aren’t you lucky!  So the rule of thumb will be: If it takes more than 140 characters to finish my thought, it will probably show up here. (no more cheating with “” or “TwitLonger”)  And if the original concept sounds like something mildly interesting, don’t fret!  “Monday Morning Designer” will be tied in here, as a feature of the same name.

Aaron Marohl

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